Sammi Walters; Web & Graphic Designer and Illustrator

Esoteric experiments in transmutation

The logo I designed for Marci Dagaz of Outlaw Alchemist.

Outlaw Alchemist

I created a cosmic logo to kick off spiritual badass – Marci Dagaz’s new project; Outlaw Alchemist, which offers guidance to people going through their spiritual awakenings, and helping them to realise their own power.

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Mobile screenshots of the website I designed and built for Isobel Gatherer.

Isobel Gatherer

I created an intuitive and deeply symbolic new logo and website with international Psychic, Intuitive Reader & Energy Healer; Isobel Gatherer, to help her project her healing intentions out into the world.

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A screenshot of the website I designed and built for Pyrohex.


I created a blazing website and smoking hot visual identity for the fiercely mesmerising pyro performance group; Pyrohex, to help promoters discover and book the group for even more amazing shows.

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A testimony of faith

A portrait photo of Shelly d’Inferno.

I’ve had a great time brainstorming ideas with Sammi who has helped create my branding and several of my logos. She is an all-round creative genius who’s also made my website look professional and absolutely spot-on.

Sammi is my go-to for any graphic and website work and I highly recommend her to anybody from small business starters, to large companies who want a real connection with their designer!

Shelly d’Inferno Model, Performer, Muse

The holy trinity of Design Alchemy

Wicked Websites

Whether it’s a simple marketing site, or an e-commerce store to sell your products, I design and build weird & wonderful websites. No premade templates or a bajillion plugins to manage, and in most cases – no hosting costs! I craft websites from scratch straight out of the depths of my soul, so you can be assured that you’ll have a unique website; that’s as fast as Lucifer falling from heaven, and looks sexy as hell on both desktop and mobile.

Graven Graphics

I love making enchanting graphics for digital use or print, and I can create a whole new visual identity for you with a logo and social media bundles for your brand. I also make business cards, merchandise designs, posters, CD & vinyl covers and layouts, book covers, packaging for your products, and anything else you need. If you work with me on your website too, I can create a consistent branded look across all of your online platforms.

Infectious Illustration

I’m left-handed which was a curse to my drawing skills when I was younger – I’d smear ink everywhere! But where there’s a will, there’s a way! Thankfully, I have perfected my technique over time and I now take commissions to create visionary artwork to use both digitally, and on your printed goods.

I’m currently in the process of building my own store to sell my prints and apparel too, so keep your eye out for that soon!

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Let’s create order out of chaos

Life is a gift, and it’s too short to do meaningless work. We all have a meeting booked in with The Reaper… let’s make our time worth it.

If you have an idea brewing, a vision and a sense of infinite possibility, feel free to summon me. I love having a soul to soul connection with the people I work with and I’d be honoured to help breathe life into your project.