The allegory of a Design Alchemist

My name is Sammi Walters and I’m a designer for the daring and disobedient, based in Sheffield, UK. I’ve been specialising in Web Design, Graphic Design, and Illustration during the course of this lifetime.

Design is my lifeblood, and I’m especially interested in exploring possibilities with others who appreciate the alchemy of art and design. I’m a lover of people who boldly pursue their highest aspirations with spirit and tenacity, and the beautiful people I work with include musicians, performers, occultists, artists, and creators of all kinds.

My soul’s mission in its current incarnation on this planet is to make the imagined manifest, and to aid others in the fulfilment of their destinies. I connect with the souls of the people I work with and use my secret sciences to bring their visions into the light for the whole world to see. There’s nothing more enjoyable to me than getting weird with other creative weirdos; turning their lead into gold, and making their dreams a reality.

I believe in the sacredness of disobedience. What this means to me is;

  • Following your true will and dreams despite fear and the doubters
  • Doing things authentically – even if this means going against the status quo (and it often does)
  • Staying true to yourself and never compromising on your morals and values

To find out more about the purpose of my work, my design ethics, and how I operate my business, read my manifesto.

Want to make magic with me? Let’s see what we can conjure up together.

A black and white photo of Sammi Walters romantically gazing at a skeleton holding dead flowers.

Articles I’ve written

Symbolism articles commissioned by Magic Markings;

Let’s create order out of chaos

Life is a gift, and it’s too short to do meaningless work. We all have a meeting booked in with The Reaper… let’s make our time worth it.

If you have an idea brewing, a vision and a sense of infinite possibility, feel free to summon me. I love having a soul to soul connection with the people I work with and I’d be honoured to help breathe life into your project.