The sacredness of disobedience


True sin is committing offence against our own souls. Sin is choosing against our ultimate joy. We have free will. We have the power of choice. We can choose to live in harmony with our true will. We didn’t incarnate into this world to be small, and most of us have been living small for far too long.

When we connect with our true will, we realise that it’s for the good of ourselves and our world. We realise that every single one of us is here to be of service to one another. We realise that the execution of our true will is our life’s purpose, and that it is our duty to bring it forth.

Being who we really are is our gift to the world.

Each one of us has a unique gift that we can share with the world, even if we don’t yet realise it or understand it fully. Every urge that emanates from our souls, every passion that we have, everything that ever sparked wonder and amazement in us all adds to the mixing pot of potential that exists in the depths of our being. And we can bring it forth. And we should – because that’s what we came here to do. We should respect our time here on Earth and make the most of every breath we take, to bring ourselves and others joy, and to constantly refine ourselves into the highest version of ourselves, and to find the meaning for our existence.

Every life is the realisation of a whole, that is, of a self, for which reason this realisation can also be called “individuation.” All life is bound to individual carriers who realise it, and it is simply inconceivable without them. But every carrier is charged with an individual destiny and destination, and the realisation of these alone makes sense of life.

C. G. Jung Psychology and Alchemy, p. 222

If anyone can execute our vision, it’s us. No one else can bring forth our vision and no one else can live our dreams. Others may help us in the attainment of our dreams, but ultimately they are ours. That’s because we created them. Our unique perspectives and experiences created our visions and dreams. Let’s take radical responsibility for our dreams and move towards them. Even through fear, doubt and despite of the naysayers. We cannot desire anything that isn’t attainable to us. We can only desire because we have already created our dreams in our minds. Those dreams are already ours. We can have them. The desire is part of the manifestation. The desire is creation and taking action towards our dreams is the birthing, that’s why we often call work ‘labour’. No one else in the world wants the exact same thing as us. We are in competition with no one. These dreams are ours and ours alone to attain.

What do you choose to believe in? Why not believe in the things that empower us the most? I believe in us.

Defy. Disobey. We are the Divine.

Principles of disobedient design

  • Authenticity is our gift to the world

    My work is an extension of my soul, and yours too when I work with you. Looking to others in your field to gain inspiration and pointers is one thing, but I absolutely will never rip off someone else’s work. You have your own story to tell, your own dreams and your own vision to bring forth, and I can help you tap into that. In fact, in an over-saturated market, your best bet is to stand out by being yourself. You are in competition with no one, and you have your own unique perspective to bring to the table, so let’s work with that instead of following the crowd.

  • Design should be accessible to all

    Website accessbility is non-negotiable and is worked into my pricing. Your website should be accessible to everyone; from people with visual impairments, to those using keyboards and screen readers to navigate the web. Your website contains knowledge, and it tells your story. Storytelling is a human experience and knowledge should be available for everyone, no exceptions. And the more accessible and performant your website is, the better it’ll perform in search results – what is good for others is also good for you.

  • Dark web patterns are never tolerated

    I might have a penchant for dark heavy-metal aesthetics but I won’t include dark patterns in my websites. Dark patterns are deceptive interactions designed to manipulate users into doing something they don’t really want to do. Some examples include; credit card-required free trials (in hopes that the user will forget to cancel), exploiting fear of missing out (FOMO) in order to get a user to purchase a product, exploiting the need of love and social validation to make a product addictive, hiding costs, disguising ads and tricking users into providing more personal information than they intend to. I will always take user privacy and experience seriously. All designers use psychology to design, but it should be used to improve a user’s experience, not to exploit them. To learn more about dark patterns on the web, visit

  • Soul to soul connections create our best work

    I don’t necessarily do things like most others. I’m not a fan of inauthenticity or disingenuous so-called professionalism, and I won’t bullshit you. I won’t try to upsell you loads of services you don’t really need and I will always be honest and transparent with you. I’ll listen to you, I’ll take the time to understand your story and your intentions, I’ll tell you where I think you can improve and I’ll tell you if I think your idea isn’t right for you, and I’ll offer alternative solutions to explore. I want you to succeed and I take your best interests as my own. We create our best work when we’re in alignment with ourselves and each other.

Let’s create order out of chaos

Life is a gift, and it’s too short to do meaningless work. We all have a meeting booked in with The Reaper… let’s make our time worth it.

If you have an idea brewing, a vision and a sense of infinite possibility, feel free to summon me. I love having a soul to soul connection with the people I work with and I’d be honoured to help breathe life into your project.