The holy trinity of Design Alchemy

Web Design & Development

Whether it’s a simple marketing site, or an e-commerce store to sell your products, I design and build weird & wonderful websites. No premade templates or a bajillion plugins to manage, and in most cases – no hosting costs!

I craft websites from scratch straight out of the depths of my soul, so you can be assured that you’ll have a unique website; that’s as fast as Lucifer falling from heaven, and looks sexy as hell on both desktop and mobile.

Storytelling is one of my favourite things in the world, and a website helps you tell your story. And it belongs solely to you (unlike your social media profiles), for you to show the world who you are.

As well as taking your unique story into consideration, I also pay attention to the experience of your audience – making sure that they’ll be able to find exactly what they’re looking for with ease. I also design with performance, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and accessibility at the forefront of my mind. Your website should be accessible to everyone; from people with visual impairments, to those using keyboards and screen readers to navigate the web. Storytelling is a human experience for everyone, no exceptions. And the more accessible and performant your website is, the better it’ll perform in search results.

A screenshot of the website I designed and built for The Oracle Management.

See my web design in action for The Oracle

I redesigned and moved The Oracle Management’s new website away from WordPress, and experienced dramatic performance, accessibility and SEO improvements to help create a sturdy platform for their ever-expanding roster of artists.

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Graphic Design for print & web

I love making enchanting graphics for digital use or print, and I can create a whole new visual identity for you with a logo and social media bundles for your brand.

I also make business cards, merchandise designs, posters, CD & vinyl covers and layouts, book covers, packaging for your products, and anything else you need. If you work with me on your website too, I can create a consistent branded look across all of your online platforms.

Graphics create the all-important first impression. They shape how your audience perceives you, so I always do thorough research during my process to ensure that I help you communicate your intention clearly. After all, we are visual creatures, and images create emotion. Images can evoke any feeling you desire; from trust, to awe, to power, to calm, they can even feel unsettling and bring a sense of forebording.

I have a strong passion for symbolism and sacred geometry that I often get specifically commissioned for, because it carries so much intention and cross-cultural meaning. Imbuing the work with symbolism and my knowledge of psychology are key parts of my creative process.

Because we naturally tune into novelty and aesthetics, visual communication is perhaps the most powerful way of accessing the mind of your audience. There’s a reason we’ve been drawing on cave walls since before the dawn of civilisation after all!

The logo I designed for Shelly d’Inferno laid over a photo of her from an alien-themed photoshoot.

See the graphics I created for Shelly d’Inferno

I did some deliciously dark graphic design work with the captivating and multi-talented artist; Shelly d’Inferno, delivering a beautiful new logo and social media assets for her to use on her platforms.

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Illustration & artwork

I’m left-handed which was a curse to my drawing skills when I was younger – I’d smear ink everywhere! But where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Thankfully, I have perfected my technique over time and I now take commissions to create visionary artwork to use both digitally, and on your printed goods. I also sell prints and apparel over at my store; Temple of Heresy.

Illustration creates delight. It can help to break down a complex concept into an easily understandable form when included in something text-heavy like a magazine or a website. Or it can create a long-lasting memory by admiring an awesome poster on the wall from a great event or show.

Illustration can also create a sense of belonging; maybe your brand, band or group need artwork for merchandise such as t-shirts, so your fans can wear and promote your work with pride, and really feel like they are a part of something that they love and appreciate.

My favourite tool is my tablet for creating digital illustrations which can be manipulated with lots of effects, and which are flexible enough to use on both printed materials and on the web. But I also greatly enjoy making more traditional pen and ink illustrations too, which have a more organic feel. Either way, digital or traditional artwork can be used for both the web and print; it entirely depends on what feeling you want to create with the artwork.

An illustration of lips breathing fire and Pyrohex’s logo printed on a t-shirt.

See the artwork I made for Pyrohex’s merchandise

As well as creating a blazing website and smoking hot visual identity for pyro performance group; Pyrohex, I also created an illustration for them to print onto t-shirts for them to sell online and at their merchandise tables at the events they perform at.

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Let’s create order out of chaos

Life is a gift, and it’s too short to do meaningless work. We all have a meeting booked in with The Reaper… let’s make our time worth it.

If you have an idea brewing, a vision and a sense of infinite possibility, feel free to summon me. I love having a soul to soul connection with the people I work with and I’d be honoured to help breathe life into your project.