Esoteric experiments in transmutation

A screenshot of the website, merch and graphics I made for AvalonCon.


I was hired to provide design services and to be on the marketing team for the first ever AvalonCon, a conference bringing together the greatest minds in the magick, occult and paranormal communities worldwide.

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A screenshot of the website I designed and built for The Oracle Management.

The Oracle Management

I combined the mystical with metal to bring a fierce, magickal branding refresh for music artist managers, The Oracle Management, creating an ornamental bee logo packed with symbolism and a new beehive website.

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The logo I designed for Shelly d’Inferno laid over a photo of her from an alien-themed photoshoot.

Shelly d’Inferno

I did some deliciously dark graphic design work with the captivating and multi-talented artist; Shelly d’Inferno, delivering a beautiful new logo and social media assets for her to use on her platforms.

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A screenshot of the website I designed and built for Pyrohex.


I created a blazing website and smoking hot visual identity for the fiercely mesmerising pyro performance group; Pyrohex, to help promoters discover and book the group for even more amazing shows.

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Let’s create order out of chaos

Life is a gift, and it’s too short to do meaningless work. We all have a meeting booked in with The Reaper… let’s make our time worth it.

If you have an idea brewing, a vision and a sense of infinite possibility, feel free to summon me. I love having a soul to soul connection with the people I work with and I’d be honoured to help breathe life into your project.