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A collaboration with higher-dimensional entities

Who is Isobel Gatherer?

Isobel Gatherer is an international Psychic, Intuitive Reader and Energy Healer who offers spiritual guidance readings, healing sessions, and online group programmes, to help people become the best version of themselves and manifest their dreams; all while travelling around the UK in her motorhome with her canine companion, Henry.

I first made contact with Isobel after she was recommended to me for my first ever intuitive reading! Despite my own spiritual experiences, I literally had no idea what to expect from this, so I decided just to follow Marci’s advice and my own curiosity with an open mind to see what would happen (spoiler: Isobel blew my mind with the accuracy of the reading and how specific it was to me, and she reduced me to happy tears in record time, so I can highly recommend her services).

Services provided;

  • Logo Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design & Development

Identifying the intention

Unbeknownst to me at the time, Isobel had been seeking a person who could create a new logo and website for her; who had esoteric knowledge, and could use intuition and creativity to help her project the messages she needed to get out into the world. Isobel’s search for the right person didn’t bear fruit so she put it on hold and asked her guides to send her someone instead of searching. It was quickly revealed to Isobel during our reading that I was the person that could assist in the creation of this vision, and so she commissioned me and we quickly got to work to get her vision out.

The goal of the creation of Isobel’s new logo was to understand Isobel’s channeled messages and work them into a design which contained all of the significant symbolism, divine light codes, and could carry a message of intention that she had received from her guides.

Isobel’s previous website was built using the Divi WordPress theme which she didn’t feel comfortable with as she found the drag and drop interface difficult to work with, and found updating her website daunting because of the potential of breaking the design. The WordPress site also contained a lot of unused functionality, inactive pages and page slugs that weren’t appropriately optimised for search engines.

Trusting the power of divine intuition

It all starts with opening up and becoming receptive

Isobel works closely with an entity commonly known as Archangel Metatron, he is also known as the highest of the Archangels, and the Angel of Ascension amongst many other names.

Metatron communicated with Isobel and asked her to commission a new logo to project some messages and divine light codes out into the world, and had given her a particular number, some colours, and rough geometrical shapes which Isobel had channeled and sketched, that he wanted working into a visual.

Fig 01; 2D Metatron’s Cube (left), the Merkabah contained within Metatron’s Cube (centre), and a Merkabah in isolation shown in 3D form (right)

Unbeknownst to Isobel until it was revealed during the reading, Metatron also holds a special place in my heart due to my deep interest in sacred geometry, Jungian psychology, and the stories surrounding Metatron and other manifestations of the same energy from different cultures and ancient pantheons (he is also commonly associated with the Egyptian deity and Priest-King of Atlantis – Thoth, and the Greek God – Hermes, of which I am very familiar with due to my study of, and deep reverence for Hermetic philosophy). I had studied these principles, ancient symbols, and archetypes rather extensively for years and wore his Metatron’s Cube (a sacred geometrical map of creation) symbol on a necklace for a long time. However, I had never gotten around to delving into their angelic counterparts in any depth, with the exception of Metatron. In fact, Metatron was the only angelic being that I really knew anything about at the time of our reading, so this meeting and collaboration would be nowhere near as magical for me if Isobel had been channeling a different entity instead.

Metatron’s Cube contains all of the Platonic solids within it. The shape used in Isobel’s design is called a Merkaba / Merkabah and is also known as a star tetrahedron, created from two overlapping triangular pyramids. This shape was chosen out of the Platonic solids because of its association with spiritual ascension and the unification of dualities.

Because of my prior research into these themes, I had a good idea of which shape Metatron was trying to portray to Isobel and other numbers that were significant to him, what they meant and how to ensure that the logo could contain all of the symbolism given to Isobel. I wrote extensive documentation for Isobel to show her the connections and numerological associations I’d made when working on the initial sketch of this logo, so that she could confirm if it contained everything she needed. That was a clear indication to both Isobel and I that we could bring this vision to life together.

Fig 02; The Platonic solids contained within Metatron’s Cube (left to right; tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron, icosahedron)

I then had to get out of my own way

Isobel also strongly encouraged me to use my own intuition to get the information needed from Metatron too, which included more symbolism (the triskeles), tweaking the colours, and a reinforcement of some numerological significance.

And after some refrainment from over-analysing (the hardest part for me), and a very small amount of refinement (a new record, thanks to Isobel teaching me how to open up further to my own guidance), we had created exactly what Isobel needed for her work.

Some of the symbolism present in the logo is clearly visible, but there are also a lot of hidden messages in there too.

This logo is deceptively simple looking but contains a mind-boggling amount of intricacies and information. Every single shape, the numbers of the shapes (and the shapes of numbers!) and even the positionings hold a meaning, often multiple meanings, that connect to deliver a very beautiful and deep message. There’s no meaningless design flourish here – everything has a purpose, right down to the font chosen.

My knowledge paired with Isobel’s connection and complete faith in my abilities made this process not only an absolute joy but turned what could potentially be a hugely overwhelming task into an eye-opening and exciting challenge that allowed me to practice using my own intuitive abilities while also gaining a deeper understanding of this beautiful symbolism at the same time. The creation of this work became a gift to me very quickly.

Once this was completed, we moved on to designing and building Isobel a brand new website to start this next chapter on her life’s path.

The logo I designed for Isobel Gatherer placed over a photo of the starry night sky.
Fig 03; The completed logo I designed for Isobel Gatherer

Adding a new node to the cosmic web

Designing in accordance with nature using divine proportions

Isobel’s new website also contains a lot of symbolism and has a lot of numerological significance placed right into the coding itself. This is also something else I had done many times at a conscious level for a long time due to my own fascination with the mathematics of nature and the Universe at large. Once again, it made perfect sense for us to work together to bring this project into the world.

I used the Golden Ratio and numbers in the Fibonacci sequence in respect to nature, and this is hidden within the code itself but is present in the sizing of the typography, the proportions within the layout, and the sizing of various elements on the pages. Using nature’s own proportions creates a harmonic design that is aesthetically pleasing and these proportions have been used by artists and architects for thousands of years. Even musicians sometimes use this when writing their music.

Integrating the latest technology to project the intent further

From a technical perspective, much of my focus was placed on increasing the performance and accessibility of Isobel’s website. Her previous site was built using WordPress and I migrated the content and moved it over to a custom-made static website complete with a static CMS (Content Management System). Not using a database-driven CMS like WordPress means that Isobel’s website is much faster and more secure, which also improves its ranking in search engine results, allowing Isobel to project her message and services even further. The lightweight CMS is also much easier to use and allows Isobel more efficiency when updating her content. She doesn’t have to worry about updating plugins and potentially breaking her website anymore.

I used a JAMstack (JavaScript, API, Markup) approach, with a combination of Hugo to build the custom design, Forestry for the static CMS and Netlify for the deploys to their free hosting from a private Github repository, which means that alongside the increase in speed, security and efficiency, Isobel also no longer has to pay for website hosting.

Fig 04; The website I designed and built for Isobel Gatherer

Designing with compassion

Creating a positive experience

Utilising lateral thinking and creativity to produce an intuitive and imaginative design is a romantic concept that excites the right brain hemisphere and subconscious mind, but super-charging that with left-brained logic and knowledge creates a beautifully unified design that works in the physical world to improve Isobel’s service, and can be measured.

Running Google’s Lighthouse tool during the build enabled me to ensure the website was performant on both desktop and mobile, which was particularly important as Isobel has clients all over the world and undoubtedly these days, many accessing her website on a mobile device.

Paying attention to optimisation resulted in reducing the time it took for Isobel’s homepage to be fully interactive when loading by approximately 82% – from around 10 seconds on both desktop and mobile, to around 1.8 seconds. All of the other pages had similar results. Values are estimated and may vary, but provide a good indicator to work from. Read more about the metrics the performance scores are based on.

We also achieved perfect or near-perfect scores (> 90 out of 100) in the Best Practice, Accessibility and SEO metrics calculated by Lighthouse.

These metrics are becoming increasingly more important as the world accesses the web on mobile devices more often, and search engines use these metrics and favour performant and accessible websites when ranking pages in search results. This optimisation is also important to retain website visitors, as users often leave if a website takes too long to load, which has severe consequences when running an online business.

Optimisation is greener

It is often an overlooked aspect in web design & development, but websites have an environmental impact as the internet requires a huge amount of electricity to power. The bigger and less performant websites become, the more energy demanding the internet becomes. This means that not only does designing a performant website benefit the individual user and Isobel’s business, it also reduces the impact on the planet and every living being on it.

Respecting the privacy of the user

As someone running a conscious business, and being in service to Isobel who is also running a conscious business, whose clients have high ethical standards and concerns, it was also imperative to ensure the website would respect user privacy.

But this presented a problem as Isobel wasn’t using any analytics software previously, which was great for her website visitors from a privacy perspective, but left her in the dark about how people were using her website and how we could make some improvements that weren’t immediately apparent without having the data to back it up.

Thankfully the solution presented itself, and I discovered Fathom Analytics which would give Isobel access to the data she needs to expand her business, without collecting personal data – it is fully GDPR compliant, and with no annoying cookie banner in sight!