Making faith fierce with the Outlaw Alchemist

Locked and loaded with authenticity

Who is the Outlaw Alchemist?

Outlaw Alchemist is the project of Alignment Coach, Astrologer, Loctician, and spiritual badass; Marci Dagaz.

I first connected with Marci after she followed me on Instagram when she noticed the graphic design work I did with Shelly d’Inferno and Pyrohex. Little did I know at the time that she had big plans for her business, and that she admired my heavy metal-inspired graphics paired with esoteric symbolism. However, I noticed her astrology videos and my curiosity lead me to message her to find out her story and more about her spiritual practice. We soon discovered that we had a crazy amount of things in common, and we quickly became good friends, and to this day spend hours talking about all of the mysteries of the Universe.

Marci is a true soul sister, and I feel honoured that not only have I found a kindred spirit, but I also get to help her actualise her life’s purpose. Our work together is ongoing, and this is a living case study that will grow and evolve over time, much like our spiritual journeys.

Services provided;

  • Logo Design
  • Graphic Design

Identifying the intention

Through Outlaw Alchemist, Marci offers real-talk spiritual guidance, Natal Chart readings, self-empowerment videos, and more through her online platforms. Marci’s plans for Outlaw Alchemist require graphics and designs for her YouTube channel, merchandise, social media, and a website; and no doubt she’s currently brewing plenty more plans and ideas.

The first thing she needed to get started was a logo and a visual identity developing. Marci gave me a list of symbols that were important to her but also gave me a lot of creative freedom as she had seen a lot of my work, and was familiar with my process, and so she trusted that I could come up with the perfect design for her project.

It was especially important to Marci that I put symbols and energy into the logo that I felt intuitively guided to include. The creation process involved some dream work on Marci’s part, and the design became a true collaboration.

Fig 01; Marci’s video announcement that she posted to her YouTube channel, introducing Outlaw Alchemist and telling the story of how we connected

The exploration of sacred symbolism

Planetary symbolism

Astrology is a huge part of Marci’s personal spiritual practice, and also her business offering.

I chose to use planetary symbols in the design, rather than astrological ones, to further represent alchemical symbolism.

The planetary symbols are placed in a flattened dodecahedron. In sacred geometry, a dodecahedron represents the Universe, and the planetary symbols inside are placed clockwise in the order they are positioned from the sun which is in the top centre segment. The crescent moon symbolises the Earth’s moon, with the large sphere in the centre of the design representing the Earth.

Gaia symbolism

Marci felt called to include Gaia (or Mother Earth) symbolism, to represent healing and connection.

The green sphere in the centre of the design represents Mother Earth, and was originally wrapped in a crystalline Flower of Life pattern, which was later swapped out to a Sri Yantra as this resonated with Marci more when I suggested it. The Sri Yantra represents the great divine mother, creativity, energy, and power.

The crystalline design is to represent the light grid keeping the Earth plane in harmony with the stars and Universe at large, and also to symbolise our connection to our higher and inner self.

Runes & Goddess energy

The Dagaz rune is hugely important to Marci. The rune symbolises rebirth, awakening, and the balance between the light and the darkness, much like the infinity symbol.

Marci also has a strong connection to the Egyptian Goddess, Isis, and works with her energy. Isis is the Goddess of magic, healing, and rebirth; all energies that are put into Marci’s work.

I worked Isis symbolism in by adding shapes in the centre of her Dagaz rune to create a head, body and feet, with the rune depicting wings. The square in the body splits into quadrants symbolising Earth, Air, Fire, and Water elements.

Fig 02; The planetary symbol of Mercury, which is also used in alchemy to symbolise the human spirit (left), the Sri Yantra; ancient sacred geometry from the Vedic, Hindu, and Tantric cultures (centre), the Dagaz rune from the old language of ancient Germanic peoples (right)

The meaning of colour

Marci told me that her favourite crystals were amethyst and jade, and this became the inspiration behind the colours we used in the design.

An amethyst crystal is purple and the crystal is associated with intuition, and the Third Eye and Crown chakras. The colour purple itself is associated with wisdom and magic.

The first version of this logo was purple but Marci felt like this made the design look too feminine, and decided she would prefer to try a jade version instead. We did however keep some purple in the light rays in the background which will be used on many of her graphics, and there is also a tinge of purple in the silver details of her logo.

Green is associated with peace, healing, and nature. It is also associated with the Heart chakra, and the Earth, making this a fitting colour to use for the Earthly symbolism it’s placed on.

The logo I designed for Marci Dagaz of Outlaw Alchemist.
Fig 03; The completed logo I designed for Marci Dagaz; the Outlaw Alchemist

The wise king

The day after Marci and I started talking about symbolism for her logo, she had a dream about King Solomon where she saw his seal, and told me she doesn’t usually dream about symbols. We wondered if we should work it into the design somehow.

Marci then found out that one of her clients (and friend) was a direct descendant of King Solomon and this friend had gifted Marci with an amethyst necklace that she had made herself. I suggested to Marci that as the amethyst crystal and colour is associated with wisdom and royalty, that maybe we could put Solomon’s mark into the design, and so I worked it in. The six dots surrounding the Dagaz Rune symbol are taken from Solomon’s ring, to symbolise protection and wisdom.

The magic of numerology

The numbers 4, 23, and 2020 are very important to Marci, and even dictated the timing of the release of this project which she had been conceptualising over the years, waiting for the right planetary alignments to release it.

These numbers are worked into the design. The dodecahedron is separated by a circle which is then split into four in each of the ten segments, to symbolise 4. As there are ten segments in total, split into four; this creates 40 in total to bring in the 2020 energy.

The Dagaz rune has four points and one in the centre to create five to bring in the 2+3 (23) number. This is further powered by the Isis symbol as including the additional shapes also creates 5; 2 from the rune and 3 from the larger square, smaller square, and triangle used to create Isis’ body.

Adding authenticity

With a name like Outlaw Alchemist, it’s not surprising that Marci wanted her brand identity to authentically represent her.

She didn’t want her logo to be overly feminine or light. She wanted it bold, vibrant, and with a heavy metal twist, just like her.

So we roughed up the design by making 3D metallic lettering and details, and added in soft grunge textures for a slightly weathered look. Marci commented that this would make a great belt buckle, and printed onto a cowboy hat for that free-spirited edge. Keep your eyes peeled!

We went through a refinement process to get the colours in this design absolutely perfect. It was important to Marci to not only get the right shade of green, but also that we had a sufficient amount of light and shadow to allow the logo to glow and look mystical and extraterrestrial.

This is a living case study

Marci and I both felt an immediate resonance with each other as soon as we starting talking, then moreso as we learnt each other’s stories and visions. As such, this case study will be in a state of evolution as we work.

The purpose that lies underneath both our work is the same, so we have formed a partnership and will be working together on the expansion of Outlaw Alchemist. This case study will be added to as Marci and I bring more out of the cosmic web.