Combining mysticism and metal with The Oracle

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Giving The Oracle a magickal facelift

Who is The Oracle Management?

The Oracle Management is a family-run music management company founded by metal power couple, Anahstasia Fafara and her husband Dez Fafara, who is the vocalist of Californian groove metal band, DevilDriver.

I first noticed The Oracle when I found Dez’s ‘Personal Positive Thoughts with Dez’ Instagram account and I gave it a follow. I appreciate that Dez uses his platform to promote psychological wellness and spiritual values, and inspires and motivates others. I then found The Oracle Management account and gave that a follow too along with his wife Anahstasia who followed me back and complimented me stating that she admired the work I had done with Shelly d’Inferno before realising it was me that did it, and so we formed a partnership where I’ll be providing design services to The Oracle, the other businesses they own, and to the artists on their roster.

I love working with The Oracle, not just because I’m a fan of metal music, but because they’re out to change the music industry for the better – creating a better world for artists. They have their business rooted in their spiritual values and Anahstasia is the CEO and an absolute powerhouse of a woman, so it’s a privilege for me to provide them with my services.

Services provided;

  • Logo Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design & Development
  • Social Media Management

Identifying the intention

The Oracle needed their branding and website updating at short notice in order to welcome some new artists on their roster. The deadline was very short and we didn’t have time to review the content. Their son Kaleb, who also works at The Oracle stated, “Our site needed a facelift, and you were the best surgeon for the job!”. So I migrated their content from their previous WordPress website and built them a custom static website which offers them speed, performance and accessibility enhancements, as well as improved Search Engine Optimisation.

Their new website has a sturdy base to work from and can be added to and enhanced with new features in the future with ease.

As for their logo, their previous version was a purple bee with Greek symbolism. The Oracle wanted to keep the bee but update the style to the ornamental style I often create for my graphic artwork. I also suggested to keep the purple for its associations with magick, wisdom and creativity.

Anahstasia expressed that she trusted my vision, and other than suggesting some Roman symbolism to honour Dez’s Italian roots, I had free rein to do what I wanted with both the branding and the website.

To my delight, The Oracle was 100% happy with everything I produced for them and they didn’t have any amendments at all which meant that we were able to launch the website ahead of schedule, which was miraculous for such a short deadline.

I also regularly provide graphics for DevilDriver’s social media accounts and work closely with their record label, Napalm Records, to manage the band’s online presence and promotion.

The ancient symbolism of cultures & traditions

Making the Oracle bee

Anahstasia is a Witch, and Dez a Freemason, so I already knew that symbolism would appeal to them.

I decided to use solar symbolism to help The Oracle shine even brighter. In Ancient Greece, an Oracle was a Priestess who revealed wisdom and prophecies given to her from the gods. And in the Greco-Roman tradition, the god Apollo is associated with the sun, light, prophecy and music, making solar symbolism perfect to use in this design, especially with the bee also being a solar symbol. The bee (and beehive) is also used as a symbol in Freemasonry to represent industry, regeneration and wisdom.

I also took elements from Ancient Roman shields to honour Dez’s Italian roots as requested by Anahstasia. This is portrayed in the solar symbol used on the bee’s thorax and the lightning bolts used as the bee’s antenna. The lightning bolts are a symbol within themselves, pointing upwards towards spirit and them being a symbol of power and illumination.

I also added a third eye decoration to the bee’s head, symbolising wisdom and intuition, and olive branches which are a symbol of peace and victory from Ancient Greece.

Lastly, the bee’s eyes were made from jade stone textures for good luck, and the decorative charms have amethyst crystal textures for protection.

As for the website, I decided to make a beehive to carry the symbolism further. The list of artists is displayed in a hexagon grid, and each artist has their own page complete with a promotional photo, social media links (also hexagons), and a link to their official websites.

The ornamental bee logo I designed for The Oracle Management.

Fig 01; The ornamental bee logo I designed for The Oracle Management

A better home for the bees

A screenshot of The Oracle Management’s homepage featuring a beehive design.

Fig 02; The Oracle Management’s homepage featuring a beehive design

A screenshot of the artist profile page design on The Oracle Management’s website.

Fig 03; The artist profile page design on The Oracle Management’s website